Scholarships & Bursaries

Continuing Education Scholarship

Are you registered in an apprenticeship, trades or post-secondary program?

Are you a Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant? Have you resided in Clear Hills County or the Village of Hines Creek for at least one year?

3 Levels of funding available:

Level 1: $15,000

Attending a trades school, college or university. ($3,000 will be released the first year and $3,000 each consecutive year pending active enrollment in the approved program).

Level 2: Up to $2,500

Distance learning for a trade, apprenticeship or post-secondary career

Level 3: Up to $1,250

Computer and book keeping classes

Applications can be downloaded below.
Post Secondary Level 1

Post Secondary Level 2

Trades Level 1

Trades Level 2

Level 3 Courses

For more information contact the Community Development Manager.

Veterinarian Bursary

Are you a third or fourth year veterinarian student or licensed veterinarian interested in providing large animal vet services in the Clear Hills County area?

You may qualify for a Veterinarian Bursary of up to $10,000.00.

For more information contact theCommunity Development Manager.