Recognition Policy

The Council for Clear Hills County has passed a policy to give recognition to County residents and businesses for their significant birthday or anniversary milestones. Congratulatory messages will be sent to citizens and businesses in the County on special birthdays or anniversaries “upon request”.  Anyone reaching a birthday or anniversary milestone must notify the County Administration Office at least four weeks prior to the occasion.  Recognition will be given for the following:

  1. A 75th birthday and every five years thereafter to age 95, and every year following the 95th birthday.
  2. A 50th, 55th 60th wedding anniversary and yearly thereafter.
  3. The 25th, 50th, 75th anniversary and every five years thereafter of a business or organization within Clear Hills County.

If you are aware of any special occasion, please contact the Executive Assistant.

Clear Hills County shall respect the passing of residents by lowering the office flags the day of the funeral, when the county office receives notification of the funeral.