All Forms and Policies below can be found by accessing the forms or policy pages.

Commonly used Policies and Bylaws

  • Approach Construction Policy 3203
  • Road Construction Policy 3201
  • Annual Equipment Policy 3211
  • Community Facility Grader Service Program Policy 3220
  • Dust Control Program Policy 3221  Application- (see Forms)
  • Driveway Snowplowing Program & Waiver Policy 3223
  • Rural Addressing system:
  • Rural Addressing Bylaw
  • Standard Rules of Rural Addressing
  • Seniors’ Summer Driveway Grading Program Policy 3236
  • Off-Highway Vehicle use on County roads and hamlet streets-Bylaw No. 212-16
  • Speed Limits on County roads and Hamlet Streets Bylaw No. 224-17

Signage Requests

  • Children at Play Signage Policy 3240
  • Recreation, Community Facilities and Historical Landmarks Signage Program Policy 3217

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Road Construction Requests

Road construction requests may be forwarded to the County office or to your Councillor at any time. 

Policy 3201 is used as a guideline to evaluate and prioritize road construction requests. Prior to September each year, Council reviews all road construction requests and prepares a priority list of roads.

Road Construction Requests will be accepted until June 1st for consideration by Council in the next year’s budget. Applications that come in after June 1st will not be considered for the following years construction period and will be delayed until the following year


The priority list is determined by the following:

  1. Residential access with school children;
  2. School bus route roads that would mean substantial savings to the School Division and reduction in traveling time for the school children;
  3. Residential access with no school children;
  4. Farmland access;
  5. Other requests.

Roads Resources

Terry ShewchukPublic Works Manager
Cell 780-772-0464

Mario DrouinRoad Foreman
Cell 780-835-8098

Catherine CoxWater Treatment Plant Operator
Cell 780-834-7669

Public Works oversees the maintenance and construction of the County road and hamlet street networks, water treatment plants, water and wastewater systems in the two hamlets and solid waste, which is handled at transfer sites.

Dust Control

Clear Hills County is pleased to announce the availability of dust control product applications for the upcoming 2024 season.
Interested parties are required to complete the dust control application form and submit payment before the commencement of the application process.
🔹 Residential Subsidized Cost: $600 + GST per 100 meters (maximum 200 meters per resident)
🔹 Industrial Users: $1200.00 + GST per 100 meters
For further information and to obtain an application form, please contact the County office at 780-685-3925 ext. 108 or email or by visiting our website…/Dust-Control…