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Julie Watchorn


David Janzen

David Janzen

Councillor Rep/Chair

Box 179, Cleardale, AB  T0H 3Y0

Jason Ruecker

Councillor Rep/Deputy Chair

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Spring is the time for testing your farm’s water supply

Alberta Services and information for the Testing farm drinking water and farm water resources.

Spring is the time for testing your farm’s water supply

The Agricultural Services programs are under the direction of the Agriculture Services Board (ASB). The Board meets to review the programs and policies, and to give the Agricultural staff general direction. The ASB & staff work under the ASB, Weed Control, Agricultural Pests, Soil Conservation & Environmental Protection and Enhancement Acts of Alberta.

Equipment rentals, provincial crop pest surveys, weed inspection, roadside vegetation control, clubroot of canola and beaver, coyote, wild boar and wolf control programs are some of the programs operated by the agricultural Services department.

Other programs that may be of benefit to producers are the Fusarium Testing Program and fence line Property Line Spraying Program.