Village of Hines Creek Truck Bulk Water Station will be temporarily closed effective immediately.

This closure is to allow the Hines Creek water plant to create capacity in the clear well.

Clear Hills County has the following Non-Potable Truck Fills if needed.

Royce -SE 11-83-06-W6M

Whitelaw- SW 12-84-02-WM

Eureka River- SW 17-86-05-W6M

Updated wildfire map for Clear Hills County

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT – May 6, 2023 5:20 p.m.

Please refer to the map for location of the following updates:

G80220 – Boundary Lake Area

Out of control – Currently No Resources (take caution if traveling on

Highway 64 towards BC Border smoke is making for poor visibility)

PW0034 – Clear Prairie

Has been 99% contained it is still considered out of Control, dozers are on

the SE flanks to make guards.

GWF0018 – Peace Riverbanks/Cleardale

Considered out of Control, a fire guard is currently being cut along the

east side down to the Peace River. It is currently ½ mile south of HWY 64

PW0036 – Eureka River

Currently being held – on watch

PW004 – Montagneuse Valley

Currently being held – on watch, Fire Guard around

PW0037 – Deer Hill

Currently being held – on watch

PW0033- Deer Hill

Currently being held – on watch

PW003- Gage area (NPRL)

Currently being held – on watch, Fire Guard around


Currently being held – on watch – Took over by Fairview crews


Old winter Fire – Under control

Please note the red outlined areas on the map are active wildfires. These areas are dangerous with winds expected to increase, you are asked to stay alert and be prepared.

If there is a threat of fire in your area:

⚠️listen for updates from authorities

⚠️be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice

⚠️have your vehicle stocked with supplies and ready to go

Fire crews are working diligently to keep you safe.

DO NOT attempt to fight these wildfires as they are dangerous if you see a

new fire please CALL 310-FIRE (3473).

For information on the status of the Village of Hines Creek please contact the Village office @ 780-494-3690

To access the Alberta Wildfire status map click on the link below…/3ffcc2d0ef3e4e0999b0cf8b636defa3

Step 1 Alberta will enter Step 1 on February 9. The following changes will come into effect at that time, unless otherwise stated. Restrictions Exemption Program removed, along with most associated restrictions. Capacity limits in large facilities and entertainment venues (500+) remain in place, but food and beverages now allowed in seats. Capacity limits for locations not covered under the REP program are removed. Mandatory masking requirements removed for: children 12 and under in all settings as of February 14 children and youth in schools for any age as of February 14
Step 2 Alberta will enter Step 2 starting on March 1, if hospitalizations are trending downwards. At that time, the following measures will be updated. Any remaining school requirements removed (for example: Kindergarten to grade 6 cohorting).Youth screening activities for entertainment and sport activities removedCapacity on all large venues and entertainment venues lifted.Indoor and outdoor social gathering limits lifted. Mandatory work-from-home requirements lifted.  Indoor masking no longer required.
 Step 3 The timeline for Alberta entering Step 3 is to be determined and will depend on hospitalization rates continuing to trend downward. COVID-specific continuing care measures removed.   Mandatory isolation removed (becomes a recommendation only).