Clear Hills County FIRE BAN! – May 9, 2024

Clear Hills County FIRE BAN!

Just a reminder that Clear Hills County has a FIRE BAN in effect for all areas south of

Township Road 890.


All outdoor wood fires, including burning barrels, wood campfires be it on private land or in County campgrounds, campfires in back country or random areas, BBQ charcoal briquettes, fireworks and exploding targets, and burning of brush piles, windrows, or other debris.


Propane/natural gas powered appliances, open flame oil devices, such as turkey deep fryers or tiki torches, and indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor. All appliances must be CSA approved and used per manufacturer’s standards.

This FIRE BAN will remain in place until conditions improve. Fire danger levels will be reviewed daily and may be downgraded subject to fire weather conditions.