Development & Planning

Phone 1-780-685-3925
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Dallas Logan, Development Officer

The Development Department controls the development of residences, businesses, subdivisions, etc. throughout the County. Contact them before you start to develop or add to your current residence or business.

The Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency is our Subdivision Authority. If you have any questions regarding the subdivision process, please call them at 780-338-3862.

Please click on Development Permit to view the permit.

If you require more information about permits or want to know the setbacks they can all be accessed below.

Municipal Planning Commission Members

View Municipal Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes.

Miron Croy
Ward 1
Phone: 780-596-2187

Box 1315, Fairview, AB T0H 1L0

Peter Frixel
Ward 2
Phone: 780-494-2467

Box 552, Hines Creek, AB T0H 2A0

David Janzen
Ward 5
Phone: 780-834-0197

Amber Bean
Ward 3
Phone: 780-830-9786

Box 596, Hines Creek, AB T0H 2A0



Raymond Wetmore
Councillor Ward 7
Phone: 780-595-2188
Cell: 250-219-5477

Box 70, Cherry Point, AB  T0H 0T0


Development Appeal Board Members:

Dan Fletcher
Ward 6
Phone: 780-835-0658

Box 53, Cleardale, AB T0H 3Y0

Brian Harcourt
Phone: 780-494-2231

Jason Ruecker
Ward 4
Phone: 780-835-0398

Box 205, Worsley, AB T0H 3W0

Permits, Rules & Procedures

Clear Hills County encompasses a large area, which is primarily composed of agricultural land in the south and green zone in the north. Agriculture, timber, and oil/gas extraction are the lifeblood of the area.

Development is controlled by the Land Use Bylaw, which encourages the retention of agricultural land, while allowing for commercial and industrial growth. Residential growth is encouraged in the hamlets of Worsley and Cleardale, as well as the Village of Hines Creek.

Currently, a Development Permit is required for all residential, commercial and industrial development. Farm related development must conform to the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw, but does not require a Development Permit. The County is one of only a handful of Municipalities that promote agricultural growth by not charging a fee for farm development.

Permit fees are based on $50.00 per $100,000.00 of construction cost, which are some of the lowest in the province of Alberta.

The County provides a beautiful rural setting with abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, while acting as a conduit between the oil and gas fields of the Peace Country in Northwestern Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia. Relatively low land prices and its close proximity to Grande Prairie make the County an attractive location for agriculture, commercial, and residential development.

Development permits must be obtained prior to starting construction. For more information contact the Development Officer at 780-685-3925.


Sewage Setbacks

Following is a description of the setbacks required for different private sewage disposal systems as found in the Alberta Private Sewage Treatment and Disposal Regulations:

3 meters from the property line
9 meters from a basement
3 meters from other buildings

Open discharge
45 meters from a building
90 meters from a property line

1.5 meters from a property line
3 meters from a septic tank
9 meters from a basement
3 meters from a building

45 meters from a building
30 meters from a property line

Dugout Setbacks

The setback for a dugout as set forth in the Provincial regulations is:
40.8 meters from road right of way
15.2 meters from a property line

Agricultural District Building Setbacks

Front Yard: 40.8 meters from road right of way
Interior Side Yard: 15.2 meters, or as required by the MPC
Rear Yard: 15.2 meters, or as required by the MPC